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Frequently asked questions

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How soon before my trip do I need to start my course of vaccines?2019-08-26T18:25:44+01:00

Travellers should ideally present for pre-travel advice about 6-8 weeks prior to departure, this will allow time to receive full courses of advised vaccines, travel health guidance and malaria recommendations.

Some single vaccines such as Hepatitis A and Typhoid can take up to 2 weeks to give protective levels. Yellow Fever takes 10 days to be effective. Booster doses of most vaccines will boost protective levels normally within 24-48 hours, with the exception of Typhoid which takes up to 2 weeks to be effective each time you have it.

However, even for last-minute travellers, there is still a benefit for considering having vaccines that would be recommended for your destination. It’s never too late to start malaria tablets, some malaria tablets can be started a couple of days before you go to a risk area.

Does Spring Pharmacy Travel Clinic have access to my past vaccine history?2019-08-26T18:31:55+01:00

No, we do not have access to your past vaccination history. It is very useful for us if you can bring a record of any of your previous immunisations along to your appointment. This helps us plan what vaccines you require and means you do not incur extra cost for vaccines that you may already be protected against. Your NHS GP will be able to give you this information if you contact them.

Are any vaccinations free from my NHS GP?2019-08-26T18:33:24+01:00

Some surgeries provide the following vaccinations free of charge: Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio, Hepatitis A and Typhoid. All other vaccines will incur a charge even from an NHS GP.

Will the vaccines hurt?2019-08-26T18:37:20+01:00

You may experience a mild stinging sensation when your vaccines are administered. This is very mild and lasts only a few seconds.

We recommend you make sure you have eaten well before you have any vaccinations. Having vaccines on an empty stomach may make you more prone to fainting. Please note: if you are having a Cholera vaccine you must not eat or drink for 1 hour before or 1 hour after.

Will I get side effects after my vaccines?2019-08-26T18:42:21+01:00

Although every vaccination is different in their side effects, common side effects following vaccination include pain, swelling and redness at the injection site. These occur commonly and should be expected after vaccination.

Occasionally, you can experience fever, tiredness, headache and loss of appetite. Try and rest if you experience these symptoms, drink plenty of fluids and take an analgesic such as paracetamol if you have a fever. These are usually self-limiting and do not require treatment.

Anaphylactic reactions to vaccines are extremely rare, approximately 1 per million doses of vaccine given. Ref: Green Book, DOH. In the unlikely event that a reaction should occur you will be given immediate treatment with the necessary medications and a 999 ambulance will be called. We are trained in the management of anaphylactic reaction and resuscitation.

You can also report reactions online at MRHA

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